Jackson takes Historic race two comeback win after Rowe clash

Cameron Jackson completed a comeback drive with victory in the second HSCC Historic Formula Ford Championship race at Cadwell Park, despite being involved in a heavy accident with Nelson Rowe.

Race one winner Rowe had started from pole but was passed by second and third place drivers Jackson and Richard Tarling very early.

Rowe and Jackson were then involved in a very physical battle when Jackson’s car slipped out of gear and slowed. Rowe’s Crossle mounted Jackson’s Lola, flipped over hard and caught fire.

A passing Callum Grant spun, but then stopped and ran back along the track to check on Rowe, who walked away from the incident but underwent precautionary checks.

The ensuing red flag caused a lengthy delay before the restart, during which time Jackson made his way back around and took his place on the grid, as the field lined-up in race order.

When racing resumed, Jackson and Tarling pushed each other hard, swapping for first place until the throttle on Tarling’s Jamun stuck open on the penultimate lap, forcing him to retire. Grant inherited Tarling’s second place, although he was some way behind.

Ed Thurston was a surprising third, starting fifteenth after winning the second qualification race. Thurston himself could scarcely believe his ascendance to fourth place before the halfway mark. Max Bartell’s Merlyn then expired, handing him a podium finish.

Matthew Wrigley and Benn Simms helped make Thurston’s position safer, as both retired mid-race. Simms’s car gave up in a cloud of smoke, while Wrigley spun out.

Thurston did come under attack from Ben Mitchell, who would likely have reeled him in had the race run for its full 20 minutes, but instead had to settle for fourth place. Mitchell spun shortly after the restart before impressively pushing his way back up the field.

A frenetic start slowed in the latter half of the race due to oil on the Gooseneck, new championship leader Jackson describing the oily track as being “like ice”.

Pos Class Driver Car Time
1 Cameron Jackson Lola T200 16:17.580
2 Callum Grant Merlyn MK20A +3.830
3 Ed Thurston Elden Mk8 +24.307
4 Ben Mitchell Merlyn Mk20 +25.425
5 OF Rob Smith Merlyn Mk20 +40.697
6 N Mads Gravsen Palliser WDF1 +41.048
7 OF Brian Morris Lola T202 +46.154
8 Daniel Stanzl Elden Mk8 +46.885
9 OF John Hayes-Harlow Merlyn 11A +1:03.872
10 OF Tim Brise Merlyn Mk20 +1:04.263
11 OF David Wild Lola T204 +1:04.591
12 OF Andrew Wiggins Titan Mk6 +1:05.610
13 OF Kevin Stanzl Crossle 20F +1:25.796
14 OF Stuart Kestenbaum Crossle 16F +1:30.012
15 OF Alex Meek Merlyn Mk20A +1:30.180
16 OF John Roberts Merlyn Mk11A +2:05.115
DNF Richard Tarling Jamun T2
DNF Matthew Wrigley Merlyn Mk11A/20
DNF Ross Drybrough March 709
DNF OF Glenn Eagling Lotus 61MX
DNF OF Chris Stuart Crossle 16F
DNF James Lovett Lola T200
DNF Maxim Bartell Merlyn Mk20A
DNF Benn Simms Lola T200
DNF Benjamin Tusting Merlyn Mk20A
DNF Nelson Rowe Crossle 20F


Author: Rachel Harris-Gardiner

Rachel Harris-Gardiner is the editor of Vintage Formula Ford and former Historic editor for ff1600website.com. She is a regular contributor to Autosport and Motorsport News and writes her own blog about women in motorsport, Speedqueens.

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